Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet Review

For a long time, camping meant that one had to give up all the modern amenities that they are used to, including toilets. However, with the advent of portable travel toilets, this need not be the case, at least in when it comes to toilet matters.

The Camco Portable Travel Toilet is a leader in the portable toilet market segment. As it is made of high-grade polyethylene, is sturdy yet very lightweight.

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Furthermore, it sports an innovative design that makes the entire toilet very compact and, therefore, easy to transport, carry, and even store. Importantly, it has many features that make it stand out from its competition. Below are some of its features.

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  • A 5.3 Gallon Holding Tank - the pan is detachable and comes with a sealing slide valve. The sliding valve locks the door negating leakages and locking odor inside the tank.
  • It comes with a packet of TST - Camco’s biodegradable toilet chemical.
  • Has a compact size of 6.38" X 13.75" X 16.13" and a weight of 11.5 lbs. when empty.
  • The toilet has two side latches to secure the tank to the toilet and prevent leakages. It also has carrying handles for easy transport.
  • It has the easy to use bellow-type flush for easy flushing.

The Good

The compact lightweight design makes for a better storage experience both at home and when traveling with it. This is very important especially when space it a premium for at home or when packing for a camping or boating expedition.

Has a good balance of features that enhance the user experience without making things complicated or adding too much weight to the toilet.

The Bad

While the Camco TravelToilet has been designed with portability the main design element, the distance between the seat and the bottom of bowel is not that great. This may negatively impact some user’s experience. Aside from this little design flaw, everything else about this portable toilet offers stellar user experience.

The Final Verdict

Whether you are camping in an RV, trailer, tent, or even boating, the Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet gives users a stellar user experience. In many regards, it is the perfect amenity for you to use whilst in the wild. The ease of use and maintenance and the rugged design gives it the perfect blend of characteristics for use while camping or boating.


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